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This is Queequeg.  Dana named him after the helmsman in Moby Dick.  I guess it’s fitting, considering that they were both fairly expendable characters.  Although Herman Melville at least gave his Queequeg a purposeful demise in that his coffin served to save someone’s life.  This little guy just ended up as a midnight snack for a crocodile.  Well, a crocodile for those of you who don’t believe.  Mulder and me, well, we know that Big Blue got him.

Queequeg is only seen in two x-files episodes, appearing in an earlier season 3 episode (War of the Corprophages), in which a town is supposedly being taken over by killer cockroaches. (Not a wise move, watching this episode if you live here in the beautiful Palmetto ((bug)) State, but that is neither here nor there.)  You know what’s unrealistic to me?  Not the aliens.  Not the government conspiracy.  Not the prehistoric sea monster in this episode.  That they gave Scully a dog! REALLY?!?!  Seriously, because she’s running off all the time in the middle of the night, flying all over the country, etc. so there’s no way she could really take care of a dog and Scully is way too tender to mistreat an animal in any way.  Plus, she never again gets a dog.  I mean, to have a dog, you really have to be a dog person, and a dog person doesn’t have their dog eaten by a swamp creature and not replace it.  Dog people HAVE to have a dog.  Dana’s not a dog person. I personally think that Kim Newton (who wrote the episode of Queequeg’s untimely death) came up with the bit about Scully chasing the dog’s leash through the woods only to find a bloody dog collar after hearing rustles and grunts and doggy whimpers–the look on her face one of classic Scully horror and incredulity–and decided to throw the dog into an earlier episode just so there would be some reason for the dog to be around.  I really hate it when they do that.

Big surprise here: Mulder was not a fan of Queequeg.

Anyway, Rest In Peace Queequeg.


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