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Andy recently took Liam, Gillian and me with him on one of his work trips to Raleigh. After already traveling for two weeks in a row we decided it was worth the extra effort to be together and packed up all our school stuff, sent Squire to kick it with his Nali and Grandad, and went on a road trip. Raleigh has tons of great museums and the BEST children’s museum I’ve been to yet (even better than Greenville’s I think). It sort of turned into museum week actually, with The North Carolina Museum of Art–they had a Rembrandt exhibit that was amazing–on Tuesday, The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences on Wednesday (the spider), and Marbles, the Children’s Museum on Thursday.  Gillian has declared every day since that she is too exhausted to do school, then when I tell her we aren’t having school she runs outside to play. Anyone else reminded of a certain Silverstein poem? Anyway, here are a few (okay, a lot) of pictures from our week of adventures.

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