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Rather than rambling about a fairly uneventful day, here’s a very brief smattering of today’s highs and lows.


1. Listening to Enya in the AM

2. Fresh berries in yogurt with granola

3. Eliot is sitting up in the Bumbo on his own

4. Making the bed

5. When my kids thank me for breakfast on their own

6. Andy calling to remind me of the Gospel

7. Dancing with Liam to some Louis Armstrong

8. Having awesome friends (thank you Lynn!) who run to the grocery store for me when I’m stranded.

9. Someone pretty special went into my closet and fixed the broken light without being asked

10. Knowing I’m going to get some community tonight at Shepherding Group


1. Stirring a new can of natural peanut butter–how do you do this without spilling oil everywhere?

2. Eliot has mastered the art of dodging the burp cloth–I swear he does it on purpose.

3. Gillian prancing into the room naked asking me to wipe her butt.

4. It’s 79 degrees in here!

5. Day 3 stranded without a car!. AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHH! (I’m okay, that’s just the cabin fever talking)

6. Eliot’s angry cry.

7. Won’t be making it to the gym today.

8. (A different) someone special is starting to bite me.

Oh, wow, I actually don’t have 10 things that I didn’t like today.  That’s nice!


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