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You know those times when the kids get really restless and can’t get through five minutes without complaining or whining about something?  I understand now when I hear parents with school age kids saying they wish school would start again.  The kids seem to get so bored! I’m going to have to do a lot of work next summer to keep Liam occupied once he’s used to the structure of school. I keep listing off the gazillion toys and activities that he has at his disposal, but he responds with, “I know I have all that, but I like it all and I just can’t decide which one to play with.”  What kid actually ASKS to be told what to do?!?  Anyway, I had this great old tin Crisco can lying around taking up space, so I made a whole bunch of cards with activities and toys written on them and put them in the can.  He then picks out a card and I set a timer for 15 minutes.  He loves the mystery of what activity will be next.  It’s crazy, but it works.  (Gillian, on the other hand, does NOT like to be told what to play with. As if that surprises anyone!)


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