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Andy recently took Liam, Gillian and me with him on one of his work trips to Raleigh. After already traveling for two weeks in a row we decided it was worth the extra effort to be together and packed up all our school stuff, sent Squire to kick it with his Nali and Grandad, and went on a road trip. Raleigh has tons of great museums and the BEST children’s museum I’ve been to yet (even better than Greenville’s I think). It sort of turned into museum week actually, with The North Carolina Museum of Art–they had a Rembrandt exhibit that was amazing–on Tuesday, The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences on Wednesday (the spider), and Marbles, the Children’s Museum on Thursday.  Gillian has declared every day since that she is too exhausted to do school, then when I tell her we aren’t having school she runs outside to play. Anyone else reminded of a certain Silverstein poem? Anyway, here are a few (okay, a lot) of pictures from our week of adventures.

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All three of my kids have night terrors.  I just ran into the bedroom after hearing an ear piercing scream out of Eliot.  He screamed about three times before I got in the room.  I expected to find him crying, hot, diaper exploded, tangled in a blanket or something, but when I got to him he just had this really confused look on his face, like the screaming woke him up.  I think they get these from Ando, who does some hilarious things in his sleep (I don’t think it would be very respectful to recount them here.) I’ve been awakened many nights to the sound of one of my four other family members, screaming, shouting, flailing or talking gibberish. It’s totally freaky! What made it worse tonight was that seconds before Eliot’s screaming, I had just killed a GIANT wolf spider and my heart was still pounding wildly from my courageous efforts there.  When I heard screaming, of course I imagined the spider’s family members exacting their revenge on my defenseless baby–’cause spiders are evil that way.

I feel really bad for Gill these days though, who keeps having bad dreams. She comes into our room so often in the middle of the night wanting to sleep with us because she’s had a bad dream and is scared.  She’s scared before bed too. I wonder if there’s something I’m exposing her to that makes her afraid. Maybe I’m not being careful enough with the things she sees and hears.  I’ve tried telling her that the darkness was created by God and we don’t have to be afraid because He is bigger than the darkness and is there with us.  We’ve tried praying with her, but she still insists that she’s afraid.  We’ve tried night lights and soft music, sleeping with brother and giving her a stuffed friend to fight of the bad guys.  That’s all I got.  Help!  How do you make a three year old feel safe when you don’t know what’s frightening her?

Liam on the other hand, has what I call night giggles. I can’t find anything about this, but he “wakes” the same way Gillian does, not really awake at all, only, instead of crying and screaming, he laughs–hysterically.  It’s actually incredibly freaky. He cannot wake up and just keeps going in this high pitched, uncontrolled guffaw.

At any rate, sleep time is often full of adventure and excitement here . . . obviously, as one can see by the time I’m making this post, that I’m usually quite awake for these experiences.  When am I EVER going to start going to bed at a descent time?!

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