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Went up to Shelby to hang out with my folks. I LOVE that they’re close enough now for us to just run up for a day or two whenever we want! Although I thought maybe they’d get less candy doing a trunk or treat than they would visiting a hundred houses. WRONG! Them folks at Landmark Baptist Chruch ain’t stingy with their candy. The last week has been a chorus of “can we have some candy?” It’s gone into the basket for school rewards by now. We’ll see if it doesn’t all get tossed out this year. Candy overload or no, I always love seeing them get dressed up. Gillian was a blonde version of Silvermist, Liam, was a prince (although he was adamant about the fact that it wasn’t Prince Charming-Thanks to Shrek), and Eliot, won the non-existent costume award as my little panhandler (thank you Pinterest).



Peter Pan

The kid’s birthdays just came and went. Instead of parties this year, Liam suggested tickets to see Cathy Rigby is Peter Pan at the Peace Center. My heart leaps with joy at his interest in theater, as it simultaneously cringes over a typically self absorbed hobby. Believe me I know and I struggle with whether or not to try and shield him from some of the identity issues that go with it. Anyway, this show was very special for me, so much that you have to believe me when I tell you it was his idea. I was in this show with SCCT eight years ago and we actually got to perform it in the Peace Center concert hall. The music, the dancing, the FLYING, were all pretty sentimental. Then of course, I haven’t been in a show for about four years now and I miss it–sometimes a lot. Thanks however to Liam’s unrestrained squeals of laughter, I wasn’t too melancholy and was able to have a really good time with the kidlets and Bean. Cathy Rigby tore it up, we had incredible seats and the kids were little angels. So thankful, although a little sad that Andy couldn’t be there.



Saturday my husband gave me a HUGE gift–a day to myself. A whole day to do whatever I pleased. Of course, I didn’t spend it by myself, I gathered up a couple of my awesome gal pals and headed off to Asheville for Christmas shopping, coffee chugging, yummy organic eating, fall weather enjoying, dread maintaining and lots of girl talk. It was a day full of plenty, full of reminders, full of restful meandering down streets, stopping in wherever our little hearts desired. It was a day full of laughter over random and creepy street performers, Tab and Lacey putting beads on my dreads in the middle of Trade street, obsessively searching out the elusive Virtue boutique, one of us who was really bossy, and Tab almost stealing leggings from Urban Outfitters (if you can imagine!). It was a day void of dishes, squabbles or diapers–all gifts in themselves, but nevertheless nice to have a break from.


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Before you read this post you must, if you have not already heard it, go here and listen to Bill Cosby tell about chocolate cake for breakfast. I listened to this tonight with Andy and the kidlets. It was the first time I’d listened to any of Cosby’s material on parenting since becoming a parent, and I can’t even tell you how much more funny it is now. Especially this one. While it made me laugh, it also made me sigh one of those great, long, Napolieon Dynamite sighs. You mamas know why. It’s because . . . .

Daddy is so cool.

Daddy is so fun.

Daddy invents make-believe natural wonders!

Daddy lets us shower in our clothes!

Daddy talks in silly voices!

Daddy let’s us eat chocolate cake for breakfast!


My whining is tongue in cheek of course. I LOVE watching Andy play with the kidlets, and I LOVE watching their eyes just dance with joy when he plays pretend with them, so I’m not really complaining, but isn’t it even just a teensy-weensy bit unfair? It seems Daddy has so much creativity when dealing with them and so much more patience than I. A lot of times I feel like the bad guy. It makes me really grateful for a husband who parents with me as a team and doesn’t feel like he has to compete with me for the kid’s affections and loyalties. (Lord knows, he’d win!)

Even so, I couldn’t help but laugh tonight as I got into the van to leave Trader Joes and Andy had just turned this on for the kids to hear. Seriously, it was only moments after I had taken a picture of this:

There’s a nicely cultivated irrigation ditch in the middle of the side parking lot at Trader Joe’s that Ando somewhere along the way named The Great Valley. The kids look forward

to The Great Valley with almost as much enthusiasm as they do finding Reedy the Frog and getting a treat. When Andy takes them to the store, they park way off to the side so that the kidlets can cross The Great Valley in true Land Before Time style.

However, when mommy takes them to the store, the conversation usually sounds something like this:

“Trader Joes! Can we cross The Gr . . . . ”



Okay, so it’s not much of a conversation. Am I such an ogre that I don’t want to haul baby and cart AROUND the ditch while attempting to responsibly keep an eye on the other two tromping through the landscaping? It’s hot! The kid is heavy! I’ve got eight bags!

It ‘s hard not to be bitter that all Daddy has to do to be the hero is let them climb through a ditch! I think when I got out of the store and saw the van parked way over on the other side, there just might have been fire shooting out my eye sockets. At least I know that Mrs. Cosby understands.

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I love the way little girls gather random items, put them in some sort of container and then carry it around everywhere they go. No less than five times in as many minutes, the box is opened and each of the various treasures within are laid out for admiration and inspection.  A miniature Tinker Bell figurine;  a yellow Mighty Bean; two metal pegs from the dismantled entertainment center; a Polly Pocket boot and a heart shaped Beanie Babies tag. The particular attraction to each item may elude everyone else, but each is a distinctive part of this particular collection.  This potpourri of treasures may hold her interest for only hours, or for days on end.

We never really outgrow that, do we?  My mom had a couple of precious little treasure chests that she ended up passing on to me when I was a girl and I remember carrying around beloved items, taking them out over and over. Here’s a picture of my favorite, a gold velvet covered box with a little antique key–still a priceless little gem that sits on my dresser. I think I’d still do that if I could get away with it. What is it that makes us attach ourselves to a few pretties like this? How silly and insignificant are the things we bind our hearts to. I’m sure there’s an excellent post there on the study of our heart’s idols, but that’s a post for another day actually, because today, at the risk of sounding like I’m contradicting myself,  I’m pulling out my new little treasures and laying them out to admire and to show off.  With the internet now my wee treasure chest, I give you my newly acquired lovelies, courtesy of the Indie Craft Parade.

Headband by phoebeflock: I could own about  10 of these.

Homemade Chocolate Bars by Sweeteeth: Dark Chocolate with Salted Caramel and Peanut Butter Chipotle (Don’t worry, I won’t eat any until after my weigh out on Wednesday!)

Bowtie for Liam by The Cordial Churchman

Vintage Inspired Necklace by Fox To The Opera: Fell in love with the whole booth! Happy Birthday to me!

Elephant Pillow by Michelle Suarez: This was my Circe from Andy!

And Andy’s treasure of the evening . . . . a Beer Coozie by So She Sews

I seriously could have spent so much more money if I’d had it to throw around.  Alas, I must make myself content and wait until next year’s craft parade to add to my treasure chest.

Buy handmade ya’ll!!! If you can’t make it to the Indie Craft Parade, go to Etsy!  Support local artists!

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Okay, so don’t call me a hypocrite for going off on consumer America and then shopping at IKEA (aka. Stuff Mart).  I’m trying to AVOID moaning about things and not doing anything about it, so when I saw this little piece of wonderful (for only $9.99!) I just HAD to buy it.  Take that Waste Management!  The kids are having a wonderful time already sorting the recycling ( I am too!)

Special recognition needs to go to Andy for his artistic contribution–he drew the labels (and is going to great lengths to fill up the glass compartment!).

Special recognition also needs to go to mother-in-law, without whom I would never have found this treasure.  (I was also touched that she noticed it, because that means she reads my blog!) 🙂

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