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Mom, I Want A Dog

Over and over. The begging, the hinting, the bargaining, the reasoning. Not gonna happen. I’m not a dog person. I like dogs. I love to pet them and cuddle them. I like it when they lick my hand. I’m fond of the wagging tail, but that’s about it. It’s not even that I so much dislike all the other things about dogs, it’s just that the like isn’t strong enough to make up for all the extra work having a dog would create for me. So, sorry pups, no dog.

We’d get a cat if we could. We LOVE cats. Andy and Liam are allergic to cats. Boo.

So a few weeks ago on a hike, the boys caught a bunch of frogs. Liam staked a claim on one of them but I wouldn’t let him bring it home because we had nothing to put it in. Thus we found ourselves at PetSmart looking for amphibian habitats. I still wasn’t liking the idea of a pet, but Ando didn’t want me to just get them a little vented plastic box wherein the frog would probably die after about a week. Long story short, we didn’t come out of PetSmart with an amphibian habitat, or an amphibian at all. Instead, we came home with this:


     and this    

This is Alice.                                                                   This is Ariel.


It only took a week for me to regret it. At least they aren’t asking me for a dog anymore.






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