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Well I “finished” this project a couple of months ago, but I  put off this post because there were a few tiny details I wanted to get to first. What do you know, but life just keeps happening on me and I’m not getting to them, so I’m just gonna post what I’ve got and have to be happy with it.

Liam came up with the color scheme for the most part. He loves Clemson and sort of wanted that, but I didn’t want to do a sports room, so I told him he could have the orange and we would pick another color to go with it. This blue is what he chose. He picked out the curtains too. My always handy, ever so talented brother in law built the bed/cave. He and Andy laid down the new floors (LOVING my new floors! So THANKFUL for my new floors!!!). I’d like to make the boys a rug like Gilly’s if I can find the material and want to get a couple of orange bean bags for the cave. There are plans for monkey bars under the bed at some point and more painting to be done on the walls of the cave hopefully.

Right now I’m having a love/hate relationship with the room because every time I go in there I have to clean guinea pig mess off of the floor. Apparently well adjusted guinea pigs do this hopping thing called “popcorning,” which means they’re happy, sending hay and bedding and poo all over the place. I’m glad they’re happy, really I am, but I wish they’d keep their happiness in the stinking cage. (I think I just hijacked my own post. sorry.)

Picture time!

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Finally finished! Whew! I feel like I’ve been off the grid for weeks working on this stuff. We’re 3/4 through the projects, taking a small break before finishing up with the boys’ room. I’ll post more pics of that when finished. for now, here are a few shots of  Gill’s room and I’ll do some floor shots soon too. I should also put up some night shots so you can see how soft and lovely the branches and white lights look in the dark. It’s a yummy space! Hopefully these will excuse my long absence. They aren’t really in any sort of order and I don’t think there’s much in the way of explanation needed. A few things were Pinterest inspired, of course, some my own ideas. I’m really pleased with the results and thankful that Gillian is too. She’s not always an easy one to please, so I’m glad she likes it. I think I might like it even more than her though. I like to just go and sit in there and pretend I’m a little girl again.

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Agh! I just can’t decide what to do with these few free moments! Blog? Make Stuff? Clean my house? ‘Cause I have to pick one. I want to do them all!!! My house has gotten my attention the past few nights, and tonight, as I looked at my neglected little blog it was with a divided heart that I opted to pull out the sewing machine and sew stuff. I’ll try to post my results tomorrow. I’ve got a couple of simple little repurposed items here that I’m excited to show off, but I need more light to get good pictures. Plus, I need a certain little model and she wouldn’t take very good pictures if I pulled her out of bed right now. Thankfully the night didn’t turn out to be another failure.



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Yesterday Ando and I worked HARD. Harder than we have in a long time. Not that we don’t work. Andy works LONG and he works STRESSFUL. I also work LONG and also . . . . well, STRESSFUL. But he writes and teaches, observes and evaluates. I clean up and chase after, navigate emotional mine fields of manipulation and battle strong little wills. Our minds and our emotions are active all day, but our bodies are just sort of along for the ride–not a wild roller coaster sort of ride either, but more of a lazy Sunday afternoon carousel sort of ride.  Yesterday though, was WORK. Laboring with our hands and legs and backs, soaking in sweat from the hot sun, skin speckled with the dirt of the earth. It was actually wonderful. It felt good to accomplish so much and to be rewarded for our efforts with aches and fatigue. I know that sounds odd, and I suppose I would complain if I had to physically work that hard every day, but it was nice to just break away from my normal list of motherly duties and do some “man’s work”.  You moms out there understand that we just can’t be domestic goddesses everyday. 😉 Some times we gotta flex our muscles and destroy some stuff!

I was marveling yesterday also at the log splitter that my dad rented for the week and amazed at what it did for us. I couldn’t help but think of “Pa” Ingles building a log cabin with his bare hands and how long it must have taken him. Aren’t we just so spoiled?  Talk about a day of hard work!  Thinking about it that way sort of makes my day hauling logs sound a little less spectacular . . . . .

. . . . . . oh well! Pretty glad I’m not “Pa” Ingles! On a side note, I never really bought Michael Landon as “Pa.” What’s with the clean shave?! The guy has to build how many houses without any power tools and he’s got time to shave his face baby skin smooth every day? I don’t think so. I always pictured Pa as looking something a bit more like Sam Beam really. Anyway, that was free.

Oh, and just in case you’re wondering, I was appropriately chided (by the seasoned wood pile builders, namely dad and andy) for allowing the kids to play on the wood pile.

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On a different note, here’s what I ended up doing to get all my school stuff organized. Since I didn’t do a school room, I got this huge unit from IKEA to store everything I use for school right there where I can easily access it during the school day. No more trips to the playroom-everything fits quite nicely and it doesn’t look like a classroom! In the playroom I did set up an area for them to do some art projects and work on schoolwork independently if I need to focus on just one of them for a particular lesson. This little table, also from IKEA, is adjustable to accommodate a growing Liam for a while and they can store stuff in the chairs. I also got them a new easel and a line to hang wet paintings on. The kids were really excited when they woke up this morning to all the newness. 

Thanks to all of you who shared your ideas and experiences. I can’t believe we’re down to the last nine weeks of the school year. Who’d have thought, huh?


Oh, and still counting, still praying.

551. Twinkle lights on rooftops

552. Little white butterflies with orange tipped wings

553. Warm sunshine and cool breezes during work

554. The smell of orange peel in the garbage disposal

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