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Oh, what to write when one is sick. When every thought is blaaaah, and ugh. Just trying to maintain a little sanity up in here where everything feels all germy and stuffy and out of control. I know what I need to do right now is rest, but I find myself instead doing random chores, like re-organizing the school supplies basket and the missing socks box. It’s like my lack of energy and expectation free me from the regular chores of making beds and folding clothes, but the messy beds and clothes everywhere are driving me crazy, causing me to just HAVE to do SOMETHING. I know, just make the freaking bed, right? That makes too much sense.

Speaking of freaking, which we were, sort of . . . well, not really at all, but I did use that word . . . . um, ANYWAY, Gillian said the other day “Eliot is soooo freaking cute!”After which I immediately said, “let’s not say freaking, Gill, it’s not a nice word.” Thankfully, she didn’t follow up with a “but you say it!” I don’t think I say that around her. Who knows though! This mommy brain is only half way functional these days, and even at that mostly on auto pilot–there’s no telling what I’ve said! In the mean time I’m trying to formulate the correct answer to whichever of them first ask why some words are okay for grown ups but not for little kids.

Where was I? I don’t even remember. I think I’m gonna go medicate on some sugar cookies because making a big mess in my kitchen is just what I need right now.


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