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That’s me. Seriously. The worst.  My son is at that stage where kids are losing teeth right and left. Blood stains all over the house, his face looks different every time you see him and there never seem to be enough dollar bills at my disposal. Half the time I forget there’s even a tooth waiting for me under the pillow, so the next morning he comes out with this sad little face and a pitiful lonely tooth in his hand rather than the dollar he was expecting (and what’s up with that!? I got a quarter! Stinking inflation!)

The first time I forgot about his tooth I completely screwed myself too because I told him that the tooth fairy was just on vacation and it was okay because you get double when she doesn’t show up. I said this of course assuming that I would get my act together and remember from now own. He has now gotten paid double for four teeth and has more spending money than I do!

The other day he yanked one out at church (not at all distracting the people sitting behind us). Somewhere between there and home he lost it. I told him it was tough luck and that the tooth fairy had to have something substantial to trade. He put this note under his pillow that says,

Dear Tooth Fairy

I lost my tooth at church. I hope you can still give me a little treat.

Love, Liam

How sweet is that?! How could I say no to that?! So I made a deal with him. I told him the tooth fairy could give half in exchange for the note. He gladly accepted, telling me that since the tooth fairy was two days late he would get half times three, giving him $1.50 for his note. I feel so swindled.

He knows it’s me too. He doesn’t believe at all that there’s a fairy who comes at night and swaps out his nasty old tooth for cash. He just blandly goes along with it, humoring me in this condescending way that only a seven–almost eight–year-old can have. I know this because he’ll say something like, “hey mom, you forgot again–oh, I mean, the tooth fairy forgot again. Too bad for her she has to pay double!” What was I thinking!? I wasn’t thinking–I was surviving, and sometimes the survival instinct misses the little details that get you in the end.


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. . . . wearing my seven year old’s GAP hoodie.

You got a problem with that?

(photo courtesy of Gillian Martin)

It actually started out with me being silly. There were a couple of teenagers over here and we were joking around. I put on Liam’s hoodie and was like, “hey, I could do this!” One of the girls was like, “yeah, you could totally wear that!” I figure if a teenager tells me it’s cool, it MUST be, right???

Then again, she could have just said that to see if I’d be weird enough to actually do it and now they’re both having a nice laugh at my expense.


Oh well.



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There’s being frugal, and there’s being smart, and when you’re a busy mom, sometimes the two don’t work together. Like in that moment when you decide to finish off your kid’s orange juice because you don’t want it to go to waste. So you pick it up and start guzzling down that orangy goodness, only to find some unidentifiable glob of something sticking to the bottom inside of the cup. Yum!

Oh, and there’s a pretty good chance that if this happens, you will spit orange juice out your nose.

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Oh, what to write when one is sick. When every thought is blaaaah, and ugh. Just trying to maintain a little sanity up in here where everything feels all germy and stuffy and out of control. I know what I need to do right now is rest, but I find myself instead doing random chores, like re-organizing the school supplies basket and the missing socks box. It’s like my lack of energy and expectation free me from the regular chores of making beds and folding clothes, but the messy beds and clothes everywhere are driving me crazy, causing me to just HAVE to do SOMETHING. I know, just make the freaking bed, right? That makes too much sense.

Speaking of freaking, which we were, sort of . . . well, not really at all, but I did use that word . . . . um, ANYWAY, Gillian said the other day “Eliot is soooo freaking cute!”After which I immediately said, “let’s not say freaking, Gill, it’s not a nice word.” Thankfully, she didn’t follow up with a “but you say it!” I don’t think I say that around her. Who knows though! This mommy brain is only half way functional these days, and even at that mostly on auto pilot–there’s no telling what I’ve said! In the mean time I’m trying to formulate the correct answer to whichever of them first ask why some words are okay for grown ups but not for little kids.

Where was I? I don’t even remember. I think I’m gonna go medicate on some sugar cookies because making a big mess in my kitchen is just what I need right now.

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Liam: I love it when it’s buttoned.

Gillian: I hate it when it’s buttoned.

L: I Love it.

G: I Hate it.

L: Love it.

G: Hate it.





(Then, simultaneously . . . )

L&G: Love, hate, love, hate, love, hate, love, hate, love, hate . . . . . . .

(And I do believe it would have gone on ad infinitum had I not in my most patient, tender, and affectionately motherly voice asked them to please stop.)

SERIOUSLY?!?! Did that really just happen!?

I thought that only happened in movies with annoying kids who live in the suburbs, where the parents are morons,  the bad guys idiots, the pets talk and the twelve year olds fall in love and have their first kiss. Oh, it’s gonna be a long day.

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As I mentioned yesterday, I don’t normally get my Christmas decorations up the day after Thanksgiving because we traditionally stay in GA with the Martins/Jacksons/Stovalls, etc. on the Friday after and I’m just too beat to use up my Saturday. This year though, thanks to VZW and Black Friday madness, Andy was working and there was just no way I was going to get in another day of school in this week. Knowing in advance that I was setting myself up for a lot of frustration, I hauled down the boxes and told the kids we were going to decorate today. Their excitement was through the roof until I opened the box with the Christmas tree and told them to start fluffing the branches to look like a young blue spruce.

Well, the seven year old and the five year old were pretty typically hyper/enthusiastic/bickering/too short to reach anything/digging through everything and asking “what’s this?!” every two minutes. I tried blaring Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree and Christmas Cannon Rock all morning, thinking I’d just party through the annoyances. You can guess how well that worked. Although there was this really cute moment in there when they were pretending to own a Christmas shop and were trying to sell me boxes of lights, candles and bulbs. They even made a sign. It was pretty dang cute.

In the end, of course, they ended up watching lame early 90’s Christmas specials while I did all the decorating.

It was a good thing I guess anyway, because I have a hard time letting go of things–especially my tree. I want it just so. I don’t want the homemade ornaments on my tree. I want a little tree to go in their room that their homemade ornaments can go on. Actually, we don’t have any homemade ornaments yet. (Don’t tell, but we really teach our children at home JUST to avoid them coming home from school with homemade ornaments.)

Just kidding.

Sort of.

Is that bad? Do I have control issues? I mean, I’m all for handmade, I’d LOVE handmade . . . if they were good . . . . .

Ohhh, that IS bad!!!

I really did do better this year! I let them do the tree all by themselves and I only readjusted about a half a dozen ornaments when they weren’t looking. Difficulties of their age aside, they really made it all worth it. As I was putting on some final touches Gillian ran up behind me and squeezed me hard and said, “I love the Christmas you made Mommy! Thank you for the Christmas you made!” Ahhhh. Moments like that are priceless gifts.

I remembered how my own mom always made our home a warm and festive place to spend the holidays both in very lean years and years full of blessings. It’s a gift to get to do that for my kidlets.

We wrapped it all up with cuddles on the couch “readingA Charlie Brown Christmas, drinking hot cider. As I admired the soft glow of pretty, twinkling things that makes December my favorite month to hang out in my living room, I gave thanks for my family and tried to hold on to the way Gilly says “ordamins” instead of ornaments, for next year she’ll be a big girl of six who won’t make that mistake ever again.

On a final note, I didn’t take many pictures, because I’m not very good at getting indoor pics that do the decorations justice. I did want to show my “new” windows. I’ve not done these before. The “snowflakes” are hand crochet pieces from a tablecloth that I’m taking apart and repurposing. In your mind, picture them attached and think winter garland. It’s coming ya’ll.

I always do my little “Charlie Brown Tree.” This year I let Liam decorate this one all by himself too and he was quite proud.

The entry way is always one of my favorites. I also had a “new” apothecary jar to use and I’m not sure this is quite the best use of it (or the best picture). It’s all I had on hand though, so that’s what we’ve got this year. I’m going to keep brainstorming on that. I love the glass jars/vases/hurricanes filled with ornaments look, but it always seems too modern in my rustic room.

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Just a few glimpses of the last couple of weeks. Gifts. Moments. Sweet babies.

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