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Well I “finished” this project a couple of months ago, but I  put off this post because there were a few tiny details I wanted to get to first. What do you know, but life just keeps happening on me and I’m not getting to them, so I’m just gonna post what I’ve got and have to be happy with it.

Liam came up with the color scheme for the most part. He loves Clemson and sort of wanted that, but I didn’t want to do a sports room, so I told him he could have the orange and we would pick another color to go with it. This blue is what he chose. He picked out the curtains too. My always handy, ever so talented brother in law built the bed/cave. He and Andy laid down the new floors (LOVING my new floors! So THANKFUL for my new floors!!!). I’d like to make the boys a rug like Gilly’s if I can find the material and want to get a couple of orange bean bags for the cave. There are plans for monkey bars under the bed at some point and more painting to be done on the walls of the cave hopefully.

Right now I’m having a love/hate relationship with the room because every time I go in there I have to clean guinea pig mess off of the floor. Apparently well adjusted guinea pigs do this hopping thing called “popcorning,” which means they’re happy, sending hay and bedding and poo all over the place. I’m glad they’re happy, really I am, but I wish they’d keep their happiness in the stinking cage. (I think I just hijacked my own post. sorry.)

Picture time!

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Finally finished! Whew! I feel like I’ve been off the grid for weeks working on this stuff. We’re 3/4 through the projects, taking a small break before finishing up with the boys’ room. I’ll post more pics of that when finished. for now, here are a few shots of  Gill’s room and I’ll do some floor shots soon too. I should also put up some night shots so you can see how soft and lovely the branches and white lights look in the dark. It’s a yummy space! Hopefully these will excuse my long absence. They aren’t really in any sort of order and I don’t think there’s much in the way of explanation needed. A few things were Pinterest inspired, of course, some my own ideas. I’m really pleased with the results and thankful that Gillian is too. She’s not always an easy one to please, so I’m glad she likes it. I think I might like it even more than her though. I like to just go and sit in there and pretend I’m a little girl again.

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There’s just not space in my mind or on the clock to blog right now. For the past few weeks my free hours have been consumed with building budgets, scoping pinterest, pricing materials, picking fabrics and brainstorming accessories. The bedroom and playroom are about to be transformed into individual rooms for Gillian and the boys. The nasty mcnasterson carpets that have been plaguing my domestic senses and challenging my contentment for the past five years is coming up and the hardwoods are going down! The first two coats of paint have been applied! Yay! All this happening at once though is causing loads of chaos, not to mention keeping me from being able to even think up a blog post much less write one. If something comes to mind, I’ll try to get it up here, but more likely than not, I won’t be back again until the projects are complete and I have TONS of pictures to show. I miss writing though. Who knows, maybe saying I’ll be gone will inspire all sorts of writings. Isn’t that how it often works?

Anyway, off I go. Busy, busy, but REALLY grateful. The provision of all these materials is an awesome blessing. Can’t wait to show you when it’s done!

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Loving Lacey

No, this isn’t a sappy post about my blogging/crafting/homeschooling/dressing wacky/make cool stuff out of other stuff buddy, although many of you read her blog, so I could probably tell Lacey stories and you would be just as interested. I just liked the title. I’ve had lace on the brain for weeks now, as I’m finally doing things with a stash of tired, over-loved tablecloths, napkins and doilies I got from my folks. I’m super excited today because I finished my “winter garland,” made from a sad old table cloth that was absolutely begging to be gently disassembled and turned into something that would make someone (that’s me!) very happy.  My favorite part of this whole process is finding something that has beauty in it, but no more usability as it is, and turning it into something fun that can be enjoyed again. I really think that little “lightbulb” moment is the best part. I’m not always the best or most skilled in my follow through, and often, once I make it, I have to give it away because I have no place for it, but I love the “oh, I could do THIS with that!” moment.

As to the garland, now I’m thinking winter nothing, this baby’s staying up year round! It’s really not all that wintery looking. The lace isn’t even ivory anymore, it’s more of a beach sand or wheat color. Of course, it’s got a handfull of my antique buttons and it’s just simple and sweet. Next year I may hang it on the Christmas tree, but not sure. I also may divide it into two and put one at the mantle, and one over the “window” that separates the kitchen from the dining room. I’d love ideas for a place to put it. I do wish the pictures were better, but my house is dark, these days are gloomy, etc., etc. It is what it is.

Enjoy your holidays friends! Hope you’re all making and buying hand made as much as you can!

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My own idea! Not an idea from Pinterest! It’s amazing how excited I was to make something that I came up with on my own after months of pinning and making, pinning and making (not sure I’m sticking to my “make one for every ten pins” rule). I was led to wonder then if Pinterest is really a conductor of creativity, or an hinderance. Am I spending so much time and thought on pulling together other people’s ideas that I can’t think up anything on my own,  or do these ideas foster in me my own desire to create, improvise, and discover, stimulating my creative hemisphere to the point of spontaneously birthing out something all mine? The other day I saw ON Pinterest a quote that someone had pinned, “You were born an original, don’t die a copy,” and I couldn’t help but comment that a quote like that on a website for sharing/stealing/whatever you call it other people’s ideas and inspirations is sort of a contradiction. Please note that none of this is a complaint. I love my Pinterest and will go right on pinning, using, making, revising and all of that. I was just musing about it. Any thoughts on that my fellow pinners?

ANYWAY . . . . here’s my idea. Which, by the way, if you search for on previously mentioned website, you will probably find twenty other versions of the exact same thing, so DON’T.  I want to go on thinking my idea is really special.

I went to the wedding of some friends Saturday and was rushing at the last minute to pull together my outfit. I ended up in something that needed just a little more oomph but I was clean out of time. I had these old strips of lace lying around here in my scraps basket. They’re the outer lace trim from a round table cloth. Think something like this.  So at the last minute I cut some strips of it to fit my wrists and I tucked it in my sleeves, pinned and ran out the door. I really enjoyed the steampunk sort of feel it gave to my outfit and decided to turn them into permanent accessories. Here’s what I did. Actually, it was sooooo easy, so I’m mostly just going to post pictures . . . I think they pretty much show how they came together.

Cut scraps of lace about 7.5 inches plus an inch for a seam allowance.


Cut a pannel of scrap fabric and pinned along bottom edge. This is mainly to give the hem something to hang on to and to keep the lace from itching my wrists. Am I the only person with sensitive wrists? In hindsight I should have hemmed that top edge of the pannel too, because it will probably start to unravel, but I didn’t think about it until it was already sewn to the lace.
Ready for fasteners and embellishments–be still my heart, I get to use some buttons! This was simultaneously the most difficult and the most enjoyable part. Have I mentioned that I love buttons?
Sew on fasteners. I don’t care for hooks and eyes very much, but it’s all I had and I was too impatient to learn how to do the cloth button hooks. These are working quite well, but I’m definitely doing another pair with cloth button hooks next.
Up close view of the vintage buttony goodness . . . and . . .
Ta Da!

Super fun!


I couldn’t help but check out others on Pinterest to see what was out there. I know, do as I say, not as I do. Here are a couple I thought were just too pretty to not share.



So pretty and a little sexy

Takes a little more talent











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Remember being a teenager and doing something just a little bit dangerous, a little bit bit forbidden? I’m not talking about something sinful or illegal, just something your parents probably wouldn’t let you do because something COULD happen, or because  (own it moms and dads both new and old) it just might have made them look bad? The excitement, the “oh, what if we get caught” feeling,  the freaky sensation that when something goes a little wrong it’s some sort of sign from God that you’re doing something REALLY bad? I had just such an evening the other night with my friend Tab.

We were out in good ol’ TR (that’s Traveler’s Rest, SC for you non-locals) visiting another friend from our shepherding group. Earlier that day we’d been driving through there on our way home from Hendersonville and I missed my turn back toward G-ville. When I turned  around at a gas station, we noticed an abandoned building with TONS of pallets piled all around. Both of us being addicted to Pinterest right now gasped audibly and immediately began to visualize all of the pallet projects we’d recently pinned. We looked at each other excitedly, both obviously salivating. We made all the necessary justifications about the abandoned building and how the pallets clearly couldn’t have been wanted, so it wasn’t really stealing and on and on, planning to come back that night and swipe a few.

That night we ended up leaving our friend’s house much later than planned and it was after midnight by the time we pulled up to the abandoned building and the treasure trove of precious pallets. Now I could have been a better friend when Tab mentioned that it probably wasn’t too terribly safe to be doing this in the middle of the night, but I’ve never had a really good grasp of real and present danger, so instead I was the “oh, don’t be such a ninny” friend who pushes everyone into trouble, and I was driving, so poor Tab had no choice!

It’s so funny how during the day it seamed like a harmless and simple boarded up building, merely a backdrop for the stuff of a DIY girl’s dreams. At night however, the place became this menacing hideout for all manner of unsavory characters, the woods behind loomed ferociously, surely housing poised and violent mountain men, and the gas station lights shone, seemingly fully lit, yet not a soul was anywhere to be seen. Our nervous giggles and racing hearts had started up several miles back. (I’m trying to not think about how unexciting this makes my life sound). Now, I don’t want to throw Tab under the bus, but she was freaking out a little by this point. I pretended to remain cool and calm, refusing to let irrational fears rob me of my intended reading nook or bookshelves. (Seriously, how CUTE are those?!)

So yeah, I was all, “oh Tab, stop worrying, it’s no big deal.” Then my car started making this weird noise. Out of no where, the breaks or something start screeching. Tab’s like, “it’s a sign Beth!” I didn’t listen. I pulled up to a pile of pallets, already rehearsing my speech to the police officer that I was now imagining pulling up any moment. “Honestly officer, I was just going to take a couple for some home decorating! Have you ever heard of Pinterest, Sir?” Then my flashlight wouldn’t turn on. “Another sign!” from Tab. I still didn’t listen. I was determined to get my pallets! I grabbed hold of one and tipped it up to carry it to my van. Of course . . . bugs! There goes my cool. There goes my resolve. (hm, let’s see, what’s more dangerous, creepy people or creepy bugs? Here’s where I join Tab under the proverbial bus.) Stinking bugs! So much for my tough guy act.  I can’t put those in my car! Jump back in the van. Maybe there’s a cleaner pile on the other side. Tab’s like, “really!? are we still here?!”

So we pulled around and I was about to try again when we glanced up at the gas station. The EMPTY gas station. The “we were 100% certain there wasn’t a single person there” gas station. There was this motorcycle sitting there at the door–with no one on it. Just sitting there. Tab’s like, “I KNOW that wasn’t there a few minutes ago,” but we hadn’t heard it pull up at all. It was one of those moments when those little alarm bells that have been slightly tinkling for a while start ringing out in earnest. It was totally creepy. “Okay, let’s go” I say and Tab’s like, “finally!” We were well into Greer before the creepy feeling went away and the remorse set in at not getting our pallets. Oh, but it was so much fun for this mommy of three, so often house bound, whose most adventuresome days are made up of killing spiders in the bathroom and chasing the toddler who got out of the back yard gate yet again.

Maybe you’re thinking it serves us right for planning to “steal” pallets that weren’t ours to take. Maybe you’re thinking “what’s the big deal?” Maybe you’re thinking I need to carry a gun in my car (Dad). I’m thinking that I’m totally thankful for unexpected adventures, for moments that make me feel young again, and for awesome friends to share them with.  . . . . . And I’m still looking for pallets.

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My children have quickly learned that the blog is where I post pictures and talk about the things I like, the things that are special to me. They’ve learned that for me, taking a picture of something and sharing it with others is a way of naming gifts and giving thanks for them. Therefore, they often approach me with ideas, pictures, requests to be little features on this space of mine. How can I deny them this little validation? In that spirit, Liam drew me this picture this morning for Halloween. He was very proud of his use of negative space for the ghosts.

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