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Oh Good Grief

It’s a Charlie Brown day. It started out with so much promise, a nice big breakfast, house all clean, diapers washed out, worship music playing. Nevertheless, I’ve managed to end up missing the ball altogether, ending up flat on my back. It’s one of those days when giving thanks isn’t even a consideration until you realize it’s two o’clock and you’ve not given thanks for a single thing. Is that what happened? Or is that a result of the other things happening around here? I berate my children for complaining about everything. All they want to do is watch movies and play video games. I force them outside and into the kiddie pool. Fighting a headache I search through the messy, ungratefulness in my own heart and try to remember how to pull myself out of this muck–try to remember the truths that I know so well but seem to so easily forget. Some excuse comes to mind involving “dog days of summer” or some such trite expression and I kinda just want to go back to bed. I am grateful the computer is working today. There’s something. It’s about to die I think and many days my browser won’t work. So yay! I’ve got internet and I can post on my blog! I’m only wishing I had something useful to post rather than a gloomy diatribe.


Continuing gloomy diatribe. . .

I need some ideas for getting motivated during these hot summer days. It’s hard to go out and about with a one year old who still sits in everything messy, still puts junk in his mouth and makes a bee line for every set of stairs he can find. So I feel sort of tied to the house, but I sit here looking at the homeschool shelves and get overwhelmed at how much harder this next year is going to be and I wonder how I can do it. Or I look at my neglected pile of sewing ideas and my eyes cross at the thought of actually reading those tutorials I’ve had flagged for months now. And I watch Gillian having an emotional breakdown in the back yard and wonder what part of my discipline is slipping so badly and how will I catch up and fix this awful behavior? Why so many “I can’t” thoughts today?

I think I’ll go jump in some cold water or something, take a couple Tylenol and read some Psalms.

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I had a really great mp3 to share with you guys and then realized that I would have to pay $19.95 to get a space upgrade that would allow me to do that. I also realized that I’d have to pay $59.95 to get a video upgrade if I wanted to show you any videos.


Someone please tell me why I chose wordpress for my blog?

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